Cops and Cowboys | Cover
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Cops and Cowboys [Taschenbuch]

von: Leigh, Lora

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Visiting an old English castle, Carla Morgan falls asleep with a book of poetry on her lap. And awakens to 19th century England complete with its own Duke. A deliciously arrogant man with more than enough sex appeal to curl her toes and make her forget all about life in 2004. Sinclair, Duke of Heath, doesn't want another wife, but when the village soothsayer tells him Carla Morgan is his destiny, his curiosity is piqued. And while one look at the sleeping vixen on the settee bids him to accept what the fates have decreed, one taste tells him he can do nothing less. With mind-blowing sex to muddy the waters, Carla has to decide where her true destiny lies-in the arms of this duke or with her old boring life. And when the portal opens to enable her to return home, Sinclair makes it very clear he wants her to stay. She never much cared for modern convenience anyway. After all, what good is technology without love and excellent sex.

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ISBN: 1419952021, EAN: 9781419952029

Taschenbuch: 274 Seiten

Verlag: Ellora's Cave

Veröffentlicht im: Juni 2005

Größe: 20,4 cm x 13,4 cm x 2,2 cm

Gewicht: 200 g

Lagerort: Buchmarie, 64293 Darmstadt, Bunsenstr. 14a

Regal: 30963

Bestellnummer: 609536_32c