The Black Coats: The Cadet Gang | Cover
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The Black Coats: The Cadet Gang [Taschenbuch]

von: Feval, Paul

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Marguerite Sadoulas continues her efforts to wrest the fabulous fortune of the de Clares by ensnaring its rightful heirs, one-armed Clment and circus girl Lirette, in a murderous conspiracy. Meanwhile, the deadly sociopath Cadet-l'Amour has stepped into the vacuum created by the destruction of the High Council and seeks the Treasure of the Black Coats. But he is thwarted by the specter of Colonel Bozzo-Corona, the ruthless leader who ruled the evil empire for over a century and seems to have mysteriously returned from the grave... Written last in the series in 1875, before Fval was "born-again," The Cadet Gang is the apotheosis in the criminal saga of the Black Coats, a sequel to both Heart of Steel and The Companions of the Treasure. Paul Fval, the father of the modern detective novel, gave its lettres de noblesse to criminal literature by creating all the modern archetypes of crime fiction.


ISBN: 1935558455, EAN: 9781935558453

Taschenbuch: 336 Seiten

Verlag: Hollywood Comics

Veröffentlicht im: Juli 2010

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