The A to Z of Being Understood: make your voice heard and your conversations count | Cover
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The A to Z of Being Understood: make your voice heard and your conversations count [Taschenbuch]

von: White, Kay

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Are you an ambitious professional looking to make your next move? Do you want to build strong, profitable relationships with ease?

Give me five minutes and I'll tell you how to be an influential and savvy communicator. Discover simple steps to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your communication so people are inspired to give you what you want.

Find the ways and the words to engage and persuade people and make more lasting and profitable relationships, quickly and easily. Save time, money and energy as you go about your business.

In this book, you will discover:

* The two most powerful words that inspire people to take action or instructions from you

* What you're saying that always puts people on the defensive and what to say instead

* What you must do to make sure you're understood - and not just nodded at

* The one word you must avoid if you want to connect and persuade people with what you have to say

* How to take the heat out of a hot-under-the-collar situation and immediately put yourself back in control

Plus many more tips, tools and simple strategies.

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ISBN: 0983169861, EAN: 9780983169864

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Verlag: Expert Author Publishing

Veröffentlicht im: April 2011

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