The Inn: Their perfect escape could become their worst nightmare | Cover
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The Inn: Their perfect escape could become their worst nightmare [Taschenbuch]

von: Patterson, James

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A gripping stand-alone novel from the world's bestselling thriller writer

Ex-Boston homicide detective Billy Robinson has retreated to a quiet life on the New England coast. Struggling to cope following the death of his beloved wife, he must now run the inn that Siobhan took care of so well.

The inn's quirky residents help keep Billy on solid ground as he grieves, and the group soon become an unconventional family. But this small town is in the grips of a growing opioid epidemic, and when a young resident gets hooked into the crisis, Billy knows he must act to save the people in the inn that he has grown to care so much about.

With his secretive past in Boston catching up to him, can Billy survive long enough to save the town - and its beloved inn - from ruin?

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ISBN: 1780899971, EAN: 9781780899978

Taschenbuch: 384 Seiten

Verlag: Century

Veröffentlicht im: August 2019

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