Criminology For Dummies | Cover
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Criminology For Dummies [Taschenbuch]

von: Briggs, Steven

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A comprehensive introduction to the study of crime and criminals

Criminology, forensics, and detective work have found their way into the television programming of every major network, and crime books are bestseller-list perennials. This unique beginner's guide gives readers a better understanding of how law enforcement officials investigate crime and explore the dark recesses of the criminal mind. It takes them deep into the world of crime, exploring the reasons for crime and the consequences that follow, society's response to it, and how we can prevent it. This book serves as a course supplement to those pursuing a career in criminology as well as a you-are-there account for fans of police and detective shows and true crime books.


ISBN: 0470396962, EAN: 9780470396964

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Verlag: For Dummies

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