Smoke in the Sun: Flame in the Mist 2 | Cover
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Smoke in the Sun: Flame in the Mist 2 [Taschenbuch]

von: Ahdieh, Renée

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For weeks, Mariko pretended to be a boy to infiltrate the notorious Black Clan and bring her would-be murderer to justice. She didn't expect to find a place for herself among the group of fighters - a life of alchemy and usefulness - and she certainly didn't expect to fall in love. But now, with the boy she loves captured and sentenced to execution, she must head to the imperial castle to resume a life she never wanted if she wants any chance to save him.

With the wedding plans already underway, Mariko settles into her days at court and uses her royal standing to peel back the layers of lies and deception surrounding the imperial court. But each secret she unfurls gives way to the next, ensnaring Mariko and Okami in a political scheme that threatens their honour, their love and very the safety of the empire.

Mariko and Okami must risk everything to right past wrongs and restore the honour of a kingdom thrown into chaos by a sudden war, hoping against hope that when the dust settles, they will find a way to be together.


'Ahdieh is immensely skilled at crafting vibrant settings inhabited by sympathetic characters with rich pasts' Publisher's Weekly

'Alchemy, samurai, and Renée Ahdieh. Need we say more?' Culturess

'Completely enrapturing' Bookpage

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ISBN: 1473658020, EAN: 9781473658028

Taschenbuch: 432 Seiten

Verlag: Hodder Paperbacks

Veröffentlicht im: März 2019

Größe: 19,8 cm x 13,1 cm x 3,2 cm

Gewicht: 339 g