Everything Is Illuminated | Cover
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Everything Is Illuminated [Audio CD]

von: Foer, Jonathan Safran

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Humor and pathos are deftly woven together in this remarkable novel that has won sweeping critical acclaim. USA Today calls Everything Is Illuminated "a hilarious yet heartbreaking tale of family and discovery." Jonathan is a Jewish college student searching Europe for the one person he believes can explain his roots. Alex, a lover of all things American and unsurpassed butcher of the English language, is his lovable Ukrainian guide. On their quixotic quest, the two young men look for Augustine, a woman who might have saved Jonathan's grandfather from the Nazis. As past and present merge, hysterically funny moments collide with episodes of great tragedy--and an unforgettable story of one family's extraordinary history unfolds.

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ISBN: 1419326767, EAN: 9781419326769

Audio CD: 10 Seiten


Veröffentlicht im: November 2006

Größe: 14,7 cm x 13,2 cm x 3,8 cm

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Regal: 2066

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