The Tao of Architecture | Cover
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The Tao of Architecture [Taschenbuch]

von: Chang, Amos Ih Tiao

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In a contemplative essay that develops a parallel between void, space, time, and the science of vision in Laotzu's philosophy and in modern architecture, Amos Ih Tiao Chang reveals the vitality of intangible, or negative, elements. He writes that these qualities make architectonic forms "come alive, become human, naturally harmonize with one another, and enable us to experience them with human sensibility."

The author expands Frank Lloyd Wright's thoughts on the affinity between Laotzu's philosophy and modern Western architecture by discussing "Natural Life-Movement in Architectonic Vision," "Variability and Complement," "Balance and Equilibrium," and "Individuality and Unity." He accompanies his text with architectural drawings and four Chinese paintings.


ISBN: 0691003300, EAN: 9780691003306

Taschenbuch: 88 Seiten

Verlag: Princeton University Press

Veröffentlicht im: Juli 1981

Größe: 22,9 cm x 15,0 cm x 0,5 cm

Gewicht: 186 g