Spider on the Floor (Raffi Songs to Read) | Cover
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Spider on the Floor (Raffi Songs to Read) [Taschenbuch]

von: Raffi

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"A new Raffi board book to delight the youngest of fans! Arachnophobes, beware: there's a spider on the floor! A perfect silly song sure to delight and entertain toddlers everywhere, Raffi's latest board book is a welcome addition to the series. True Kelley's irresistible artwork is the perfect showcase for the busy spider who climbs up an old woman, and along the way, manages to ensnare lots of critters in its web, including a family dog, a snake, an alligator, a skunk, an octopus, an elephant, a moose, and even a dinosaur! Whew! This latest high-energy entry in the Raffi Songs to Read(R) board book collection is just right for very young children. The repetition, rhythm, and rhyme will help build early language skills and the outrageous story will have children clamoring for it again and again. "There's a spider on the floor, on the floor. . . ."

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ISBN: 0517885530, EAN: 9780517885536

Taschenbuch: 32 Seiten

Verlag: Dragonfly Books

Veröffentlicht im: August 1996

Größe: 22,6 cm x 17,3 cm x 0,5 cm

Gewicht: 100 g

Lagerort: Buchmarie, 64293 Darmstadt, Bunsenstr. 14a

Regal: 30056

Bestellnummer: 700780_66c