British Civilization: An Introduction | Cover
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British Civilization: An Introduction [Taschenbuch]

von: Oakland, John

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Reviews of the previous editions: ¿John Oakland is the doyen of civilization studies.¿ British Studies Now ¿This is a first rate, lucidly written text.¿ G.E.C. Paton, Aston University ¿Suitable above all because it covers so many areas of contemporary institutions ... a useful reference work.¿ Patrick Leech, University of Bologna ¿Strikes a balance between providing up-to-date information and being a source of general reference.¿ Anne K. Bjørge, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration ¿An excellent presentation of the British economic and political/institutional system.¿ J. Condriou, Université de Provence ¿A perfect tool and source for class activities.¿ Borek Sousedik, Tobos ELTR, Czech Republic The seventh edition of this highly-praised textbook has been substantially updated and revised to provide students of British studies with the perfect introduction to Britain, its country and people, politics and government, education, economy, media, arts and religion. It includes: discussion of recent developments and areas of topical interest in British society such as immigration, the recession, devolution and Britain¿s relationships with the US and the EU, and coverage of the 2010 election new full colour illustrations exercises and questions to stimulate class discussion insights into the attitudes of British people today towards important issues updated suggestions for further reading and useful websites a fully updated companion website featuring further exercises, links to relevant articles and videos online, and quiz questions. British Civilization is a vital introduction to the crucial and complex identities of Britain. For supplementary exercises, questions and tutor guidance, go to


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