Glamorama (Vintage Contemporaries) | Cover
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Glamorama (Vintage Contemporaries) [Taschenbuch]

von: Ellis, Bret Easton

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The center of the world: 1990s Manhattan. Victor Ward, a model with perfect abs and all the right friends, is seen and photographed everywhere, even in places he hasn't been and with people he doesn't know. He's living with one beautiful model and having an affair with another, on the eve of opening the trendiest nightclub in New York history. And now it's time to move to the next stage. But the future he gets is not the one he had in mind.With the same deft satire and savage wit he has brought to his previous fiction, Bret Easton Ellis shows beyond the facade and introduces us, unsparingly, to what we always feared was behind it. Glamorama shows us a shadowy looking-glass world, the juncture where fame and fashion and terror and mayhem meet and then begin to resemble the familiar surface of our lives.

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ISBN: 0375703845, EAN: 9780375703843

Taschenbuch: 560 Seiten

Verlag: Vintage

Veröffentlicht im: März 2000

Größe: 20,2 cm x 13,2 cm x 2,8 cm

Gewicht: 380 g

Lagerort: Buchmarie, 64293 Darmstadt, Bunsenstr. 14a

Regal: 3003

Bestellnummer: 760978_671