Lands Beyond the Sea. | Cover
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Lands Beyond the Sea. [Taschenbuch]

von: Tamara McKinley

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It is 1768. For thousands of years Australia has been inhabited only by the Aborigines who understand its land so well. But giant boats filled with white ghost-men are arriving, and their shores are now under a terrifying invasion. Longing to see the world, Jonathan Cadwallader joins the Endeavour's voyage to find the so-called 'Lands Beyond the Sea'. But it is a journey that will have far-reaching consequences... Susan Penhalligan mourns everything she has lost to the sea. But she does not yet know that her destiny actually lies across that ocean, and further from her native Cornwall than she could ever imagine. Having survived transportation, Billy Penhalligan clings to the promise of a new life and a new beginning. But there's more suffering to face before he can call Australia home...


ISBN: 0340924683, EAN: 9780340924686

Taschenbuch: 456 Seiten

Verlag: Hodder & Stoughton

Veröffentlicht im: Juni 2007

Größe: 17,6 cm x 11,0 cm x 3,6 cm

Gewicht: 227 g